Retail Security Clothing tags

Apparel security tags come in different security levels and sizes to fit your apparel merchandised needs. Standard tags (eg. Pencil and Supertags) are ideal general purpose security suitable to all types of apparel. Our more secure Shell Tags are made with a higher level of security – its unique shell shape makes it extremely difficult for thieves to defeat the tag by cutting its pin. Ink pins and ink security tags also take merchandise security to a higher level with permanently dye the fabric if forcibly removed.

While the clothing security tags are the main seller industry-wide, retailers are not bound to its traditional ‘pin and clip to fabric’ application. Security tags can be adapted to fit most miscellaneous merchandise with a lanyard or Versa Pin and Hook pins. Our security tags may then be applied to protect such merchandise as sporting equipment, household electrics and toys. View CCTV information here

Security tags work by attaching it securely to the merchandise to be later removed or detached by the sales assistant by a powerful Superlock magnetic detacher at the point of sale. Attempted theft with the security tag in place will sound an alarm at the security gates at exit.

Our security tags come in RF (Radio Frequency) and AM (Acousto Magnetic) frequencies and are compatible with Vitag and other security systems suppliers. We provide discounted prices for in-stock security tags sold in manageable and recommended quantity lots.

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